When in Yangshuo

by shz

Oh what is it with being 30 something and this yearn to get out of this routine and do something amazing?

I wished that when I was younger and the world was still better, my parents would’ve taken me hiking. Would’ve exposed me to the real things instead of the artificial needs from the malls or those travels through a typical tourist’s eyes. Would’ve taught me that life lessons are not just merely what we learn in schools or what an individual called teacher said, but everything you can experience outside of it. My parents – the typical urban parents who now don’t understand why I wouldn’t do the same to my child.

Also, how do you recover from an amazing trip? How do you go back to work or sleep on your bed or do same old thing? Because even after months have passed, I’m still clinging to the photos and the memories in Yangshuo that almost did not happen. There was something magical about that trip and I figured that it was mostly because we were cut off from the social networks; the Facebook, Twitter and whatnot were all blocked in China. To add salt to the injuries, all the chargers to our iPhones, Mac Book and iPad did not work either. The only thing that worked was Elly’s power bank which charged our iPhones very slowly and there were three on constant que, so we only saved it all for photos during the day. Imagine those nights tired of cycling, hiking, bamboo rafting or climbing – we were left with nothing to do but talking to each other, lying on the bed and doing what all family should be doing on a holiday – connecting.

I think this was the only trip that I really couldn’t be bothered to carry around my camera. As beautiful as the place is, I just wanted to enjoy the experience. I didn’t want to be caught up with the pressure of getting great shots but rather kept it all in. And actually, the iPhone sufficed. Plus, I quite enjoyed being in the pictures lately. Uhuh!

After all those months of working without a break, an episode of nasty food poisoning 3 days before the trip and climbing on the same old rocks, Yangshuo needed to happen to me. Its totally amazing and surprising at the same time how a perfect trip actually could be so effortless and cheap. If UberFactsย is believable, it says that studies show the key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions.ย And that was exactly what Yangshuo was to us. Especially that it was a great one.



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