A Day On A Birthday

by shz

My 31st year on earth started just like any other day. Woke up, showered and on with the jeans & shirt. I giggled thinking of the night before when the clock struck 12 midnight and my face got wet with kisses from D & F. “Happy birthday Mama, love you Mama” they’d say while I shoved their faces for blocking me from American Idol.

Drove to the office and rescheduled a meeting – I wanted to take the afternoon off. F wanted to buy me lunch, a nicer lunch from the usual Monday ones we would have. So we went to Bangsar, because I also wanted to check out an outdoor shop I just heard from a new acquaintance from climbing gym yesterday. And not just any random newbie climber, a Millet ambassador apparently. Watched her climbed few times and didn’t even wonder why she was chosen to be, she was so impressive and fearless on those walls. I on the other hand had been digging the last few stocks of Millet rock shoes around town ever since I got my first pair of Millet last year. Apparently they are rare breed and I feel I climb better with Millet on my feet than any other brands. Even the shiznit La Sportiva.

My phone rang from WhatsApp. Le sister from Oxford sent a video. Can she be any more nerdy than she already is? As if learning architecture wasn’t hard enough, she had the time to learn some chords on a guitar! I think this one tops everything. The crème de la crème of all birthday wishes that day. And that made me sorely miss that big baby.


It was raining when we got out. Not heavily, but someone without an umbrella would need a shelter from it. Went to Shell for a refill when I noticed a man sitting on the floor next to the door of the Select shop. He had big bags filled with keropok around him. It was a pretty normal sight, we do get a lot of people came up to us while we eat selling stuff. Sometimes we even had this prejudice that it might be syndicated. But I had none of that at that moment. He looked tired and seriously sleepy. His head nodded a few times from it and I stared from a distance in the convenience of my car, sheltered from rain and even air conditioned comfortably. I couldn’t bear it, I checked my wallet for cash and decided to buy. He was physically unfortunate, I have no idea how he carries around those big, heavy bags with him. A bag of uncooked keropok for RM20. Could’ve gotten for a tenner at Tesco or Giant but what the heck. I felt relieved.

Bangsar was congested when we arrived during lunch time. I was so famish I could chew my strawberry tasted lip gloss when I put it on. And then I saw this sign. Never saw it before and first saw it on this day, my birthday.


The big fonts, not the small ones. And so I shall, I thought.


There I was, standing outside this shop that I probably passed hundreds of times but never realized its existence. As soon as I saw that dude hanging on the rocks, I knew I was going to find my birthday present in there. And I wasn’t wrong – there was a last pair, their last stock of rock shoes ever, in my size going for half price. I always get really superstitious with this kind of thing. This is called, Shaliza’s this-is-meant-to-be shopping moment. Millet, last stock, my size, half price with F offered to contribute a bit. The stars are aligned. I did not think for another nano minute.

Super psyched with my purchase, we walked back to the parking lot through Bangsar Village, thinking it would be a harmless stroll by the shops while getting back to the car. Naively I went in Zara. People, I haven’t bought anything in Zara since August 2011. Suffice to say since I started climbing, I haven’t been my old self. The fashion bargain maniac who filled up her wardrobe with junks. But that was about to change when I put these mustaches on.


It was the last pair, final reduction, and totally goes with whatever I had on at that time. F came over to see and didn’t hate it. He usually would on something like this. So again, what do you call this people? That’s right – this was meant to be.

My phone only had a bar left by that time. I never had my phone almost died on me by midday. Must been checking those birthday wishes I’d been getting everywhere. Abah who normally doesn’t text, did today:


There’s something about that date that he typed at the end of the text. It touched me. 2013 today. 1982 then. They must have felt like it has been a long time.

Immediately after that, I wanted a cake. Had always been intrigued by the rainbow cake they have at my favorite cake shop Bisou. It’s RM12 a piece, that’s why I never got it. Even the super crazy delish Chicago cheese at Coffee Bean costs less. But F got me one anyway. For some reason they call it Dream Come True. I kept telling him get me the rainbow cake, rainbow cake. But then he said to the cashier with his usual seriousness, “Can I have one Dream Come True please?”. It sounded soooooo funny I laughed and snorted like a pig.


Got D some stuff too, some books I can story tell her and a Tinkerbell dvd. Only because whenever I get home now her first questions will be, “Beli apa tu?” even though I have absolutely nothing on my hands. Wanted to give her a reason to jump around at the door when I get home. Later cooked those two dinner and now am writing this telling you how my day was.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you God for a great day and a blessed life. For another beat of my heart and the air I’m breathing. For everything gained and nothing so far lost. I just got to say.

photo (2)Its my party and I’ll buy two shoes if I want to.