Days in 2012

by shz

Happy 2013 people! And if you aren’t bored enough of me and this lack-of-update blog, I really appreciate it for still coming around and checking it out. It actually takes a new year to drag my ass to this seat and writing to you here. My plan to become more efficient in blogging has completely failed and my finger is pointing at my face for excuses. I actually only have two excuses but these two are the ones that really kept me off from here!


Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays

Remember when I wrote about starting climbing almost a year ago? Well you would think that I left it there and assumed it was a one-off thing. Or at least a twice, thrice thing. But apparently I kept going back to the walls because for the last whole year it had become so addictive to the point that I could not go on a week without doing it! Suddenly all my hard earned money are being spent to new rock shoes, harnesses or ropes. I know most people would hate to read this, I would too – they say that people who work out can’t keep that shit to themselves, which I try very hard not to be but failed occasionally. Considering I’m writing about it a year since I first told you about it, let’s just be OK with it for now.

Because climbing, cycling, running, working out in a gym or any physical activities generally are never really easy. And when you achieved a certain level or progressed positively, its almost the same as getting a high scores in exams – you want people to know about it a little bit. And for a person like me who had never been into anything physical or even remotely adventurous before this, it makes me feel like I’m a totally different person. I definitely have a better understanding why people do crazy things (although climbing in a gym like me is hardly crazy though..) outdoor, the abilities to challenge yourself physically sort of make you feel more alive than you’d do in the office or at home. Or in the malls whilst shopping even! I’m not sure if I’m starting a mid-life crisis already, thankfully most people would think 30 is slightly too young to have one. Guess that I feel like I’ve spent my whole 20s trying to prove myself academically, career and family wise. Now that I’ve ticked most of the boxes like got married, bore and gave birth to a child plus being completely contented with my career as architect, there’s a different strive. And that strive is something physical apparently .. (as if giving birth wasn’t physical enough!).

The Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays had all gone to the walls throughout 2012. So as you can imagine there were only little time left for blogging, considering any other free nights were spent recovering from the muscle cramps and exhaustion from it. If any of you wondering whether I was desperate to lose weight by doing it three times a week, I actually hardly lose any! I think I’d only lost 2 kg at most throughout the whole year of climbing but it surely gives me a total peace of mind whenever I’m having a dessert.

I’m not quite sure how long I can keep this up, but considering the level of fun I’ve been having by doing it and the best companies to share this with which are with my husband and my very best friend, I surely hope I can keep on with it for a long time. I heard a lot of climbers still do what they do pass the age of 50 and there are even some female climbers who kept climbing when they were pregnant at 40 weeks! At this point of my life, I just refuse to settle for the norm. And by that you should know that the norm is what the society I’m living with expects out of me. But you know what? Maybe eventually my life will be mundane and predictable, but for now I’ll keep it predictable with things I find interesting!



Its funny how I just said that I am totally contented with my career as architect, only that once in awhile there’s someone who will make you think differently, wants more out of you and takes you out of your comfort zone. And that person in my case is my father, with a help of my husband, who finally successfully dragged me to Part 3 classes – a starting point to become a Professional Architect.

I’m not taking the exam this year but at least by starting the class I’ve started what I suspect will be a very looooong journey towards achieving the final phase of all this professionalism hu-ha. Just getting over it, you know! And hoping along the way it will make me a better architect, someone who mostly knows what she’s doing or advising and most importantly someone who believes in herself. Yeap, surprisingly this class does make me a better architect already. In meetings previously, I was more of a “I’ll have to check and get back to you on that” kind of architect, but now alhamdulillah, I am a “Yes, you do need to change the land title to proceed with Planning submission” kind of architect. Haha! Which is so much fun playing the person who knows a lot and get people nodding at stuff coming out of your mouth!

And then there are the rest of the days where I crave for that smile that is so comforting, who is really the epitome of happiness of my world. A smile like the end of this video. Because man, doesn’t she grow up so fast?

Any other days

Have a blessed new year everyone! May all your resolutions come true.