At 16

Mus has finally went off to her Married-land.

Immediately after I came back from UK last month, I was back on helping Mus organizing her short noticed wedding. It was pretty mental organizing everything for the bride who didn’t know what she wants, but thankfully it helped when she actually knows what she didn’t want. We managed to get everything in order until the actual day; even the bride who had the coldest feet ever it was almost frozen! We were really trying hard not to get Mus victimized by the Malaysian wedding culture, with the dresses, photographers, make-ups etc that could break her bank .. but what can I say? It is really expensive to get married in this town!

Her dress for example, Mus was introduced to this one designer who is actually not that famous but insisting that his price of (almost) RM4k for one dress is reasonable! Mus’ naivety and desperation almost made her pay a deposit but I quickly convinced her to get out from the boutique and look at other options. After that I immediately thought of Nurita Harith and how I had been drooling for her creations but never actually managed to afford one (not that they’re so bloody expensive, I have certain/little budgets for things I’d only wear occasionally..) and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to see, feel and touch one of her dresses, even if it meant I wouldn’t be the one wearing it hihihi. Unlike that earlier designer who I presumed skeptical whether people actually have any money to spend when one walks into his shop, Nurita was so tending to Mus, even though Mus had always looked like a mess with thin purse with her tudung senget and if she wasn’t wearing one, with her very serabai unmanageable thick hair. We made Mus try at least 5 sample dresses out of 2 that she had to pick and each of them were oh so pretty! Nurita even opened to the idea when I suggested amendments to her design to suit Mus’ famous title among us as budak pendek. I mean, believe me, it is not easy to get a well-known name to be OK with that, Nurita was surprisingly cool. And price wise, I would make the other designer come to Nurita’s boutique and educate him how not to rip-off a customer!

Nah! The pretty one.

The wedding went off beautifully and it was not until a month later after she had moved to KL (ugh, I know. Kajang to KL can’t possibly considered as moving) that I really felt a struck of a small loss in my life. We still see each other whenever we can, but it really isn’t the same when she used to live just a monkey’s feet astride where I can make ad hoc dinners at my place, hang around until I had enough of her high pitched voice and unstoppable chatter-box mouth. And Daisy has never asked about her Mama Mus so much, probably because of how long it had been since Mus appear messy as always in front of my front gate. Friendships are funny sometimes – it gets easier over the years, by the mutual understandings and compromise you have towards each other. But it also gets harder on efforts of keeping in touch compared to that time when Mus and I were seating on that cracked stone chair in front of our school.

But you know what, I doubt that Mus will be one of them: One of them my long lost friends. Because she’s the kind of friend that will always be found. And I won’t make it easy for her to get rid of me!