To My Sister

by shz

It has been more than two weeks gone since I hugged you tight in front of the bus door and told you nothing else but what you needed hear, that I love you. I won’t tell you anything else but that, because on everything else, I’m quite sure you know what to do. You know that you should pray 5 times a day, take care of yourself and study like a geek you already are. OK, maybe you don’t know how to do your laundry yet or cook a good sambal like I can but I’m pretty sure in time you will do.

You need to know that this needs to happen in your life. This phase where you part from all of us, from your comfort zone, from your little bubble must happen as a turning point of your life. It’s scary, its horrifying and there’ll be times when you need us to be there but we won’t be there for you. But you’ll get through all that and when you do, it will be life altering and soul founding like nothing else. You’ll realize there are strength you never knew you had and you are not the same person who left me crying a bucket at Heathrow Airport the other day. So remember to endure, all the hardships that you will face and the study you must finish.

Endure. With positivity, the love you have and the strength you possess. And you must finish. Whatever happens, no matter how hard and how hopeless it seems to be, you must finish.

I’m glad that Allah has destined this to happen to you because you will be able to relate with what I went through. Maybe not the exact experience but its great that we can relate to each other much more than we did before. I admit the 10 days that I had to separate with Daisy & Fakhrul was really, really hard, suffice to say not something I’ll consider doing again. I went anyway because you needed me to carry the burden of going off alone and the heavy load of your many luggage.  But mostly I’m also very glad and thankful I had another chance to properly catch up, revisit and reminisce with the place and people I was so fond of at some point in my life. If it hadn’t been for you, only God knows when will I return back to Oxford, eat at my favorite places, meet all of my friends, sit in South Park or take a drive around Headington. For that chance, I have to thank you.

So go ahead and have a great next two years of your life. Enjoy the travels, the extraordinary encounters, the people you never knew existed, learn the stuff you won’t know if you hadn’t gone and especially enjoy the occasional lucky moments of finding unbelievable bargains at the shops. When you do, don’t forget to buy them for me.  To miss you is a serious understatement. Just come back when you’re done as we are all already waiting for you to be done with it.