Which, Which?

by shz

So I basically have given up on Blackberry.

After both the Bold & the Curve failed me for the last 3 years, my man got me an iPhone. I’ve been wanting it for months and Fakhrul had been promising that he’ll get one. That noon a day or two before Raya I was roaming Sg Petani town with Daisy looking for shawl Raya, (which by the way was almost non-existent!) I went to the Celcom shop just to ask whether they had any stock and as if it was meant to be, the one I wanted had only one left. And also like it was meant to be, since I had been a Celcom user for over a year, the phone was way cheaper than if I wasn’t Celcom user. I could’ve get an iPhone for as low as RM200++ if I wanted to. But of course I wasn’t going to commit to 2 years contract of RM200++ a month, so the phone is mine for just RM988 and RM150 a month contract. If I knew this I would’ve grabbed it way earlier, I thought I needed at least RM1800+ to get one. They didn’t get a chance to advertise this, so if you are a Celcom user who wants one too, hurry up before 31st August!

Anyway now that I have this thing, I am spoilt for choice on the covers! Pleaseeee, please help me decide. There are like 250 pages to browse on Etsy and I already feel like throwing up on page 42, so I’ve narrowed down to these:

Because it is sooo bloody cute. The whole family loves Totoro. Only the crazy one doesn’t.

You know. Because I can never ever afford the real one!

Because it looks so freakin’ real!

Since apparently this is what architects needed before Autocad, or in my case, before Microstation.

So which, which?!