10 Things I Love About You

by shz

Dear Daisy. You’re about 2 years and 7 months now. I just want to say how much I’m enjoying and loving you at this age.

1. I love that you’re starting to speak now. Because your vocabulary are limited, everything that comes out from your mouth were expressed as if its the most important thing you got to say at that particular time. It’s unbelievably cute too when you add hand gestures when I don’t understand something. Every words either makes me laugh or melt. Like how you say ‘lalalalat’. Its actually just ‘lalat’, sayang. Or how you struggles to tell me your diaper is full. “Pampers pewoh.” Wrong, you tried again. “Pampers nonoh”. Or everytime you say “I love you Mama”, it always start with ‘you’ first and not immediately I love you. “You Mama. Love you Mama.” That will be the correct sentence to you. And if I don’t say I love you back, you’ll quickly remind me and say it yourself, “Love you, Daisy”. Of course I do, honey!

2. I love it that everytime I sneeze and forget to say Alhamdulillah, you’ll say it for me. A sweet little voice saying “Lalillah..” coming somewhere wherever you were playing.

3. I especially love the fact that you’ve been successfully potty trained since few months back. Wee-wee and even poo-poo in WC! You’re such a brilliant girl. Even your cousin Hannan doesn’t start training until she goes to nursery at the age of 5. Even your cousin Maryam who is 6 months older than you still wearing diapers. There you go, an extra saving every month for you because of that!

4. I melt when I see you play with your dolls or teddy bears. You treat them exactly how I treat you. Picking them up slowly from the toy stroller, cuddle them and say “Shhh..” as if they were sleeping but the best part is you even sing ‘La ilaha illallah’ song/zikr that I’d been serenading to you to sleep ever since you were born. Seeing that is like a testimony that I’ve done it right to you.

5. You’re a Monica. You know, Monica from Friends who’s a clean-freak? You’re even hygienic than me, its intimidating. When you eat and if some rice drops on the floor, you won’t continue eating until I clean it up. Same if you spill something. You won’t wear wet sandals. You’d freak out if your teddy’s leg got wet. You’ll be angry if I hold you with my wet hands. When you get into the car, you’ll tap your sandals together before letting me close the door.  Even I don’t do that everytime! And it gets annoying when you forget and you’d asked us to stop and open the window so you can do your ritual. This morning, you saw a dead fly (or lalalalat) on the floor and you took a tissue, picked it up and threw it in the bin! Mam would’ve just kicked it off with my foot! Now Mam understands why when I was pregnant with you, all I wanted to do is smell the Ariel detergent powder. Even had to put a box of it next to the bed!

6. You were such a cool girl when you lost your soul mate, Elephant. “Elephant tinggal..” you’d say when somebody asked. Even Mam’s still sulking for the loss of Elephant.

7. I love the fact that you’re not (or yet) the ranting type who throws tantrums in public. If Mam or Abah refuses to buy you something you want, you’ll just whimper for few seconds and let it go. You don’t hold grudges, you’ll be cool again almost immediately. Some good days, you’ll even put those things back where you got it from.

8. When people ask if you can sing any songs now, Mam just chuckles and say no more. Twinkle Little Star, ABC, Baa Black Sheep are for babies. You on the other hand, know almost every song from Take That’s Live Circus Concert. And if there was one song that is stuck in Mam’s head right now, that you skip to everytime you put that CD on, that you sing everyday for the last 6 weeks, that will be a memory of an exact moment in Mam’s life, its this song:


9.  I don’t mind that you’re a shy girl around people you don’t know. Most people don’t favour that in a kid, but as a parent it becomes convenient to me. I don’t have to worry you running astray or chase you around while I’m enjoying a meal in a restaurant. You’d observe, take your time and only when you feel safe that you’ll allow yourself to venture out of your comfort zone. And they are yet to see how funny and such a comic you are. You’re more interesting than some so-called active kids, except that you are very selective to whom you expose that quality of yours to.

10. I love that you love me so much. And I can feel it everytime you cry when I need to get fit and go to climb the walls. Everytime you know you’d hurt my feelings, you’ll say “Sowee Mama” or “Sian Mama”. Everytime we argue about what you should wear you’ll end up saying “OK, OK” although you’re still crying and reluctantly put on what I wanted you to. Its a nice sweater sayang, but we’re going to the playground in Malaysia’s afternoon sun. If only you understand.

Ten things are only what I can write now. There will be moments when I’m home soon that will make the list to be countless. It’s such cliché to write about what a mother loves about her child, but if by some miracle what I write here survives in 10 or 20 years to come that you can read it, I think I’ll be glad I’ve chosen to write the cliché.