by shz

Its been awhile. Not awhile, I think. Too long actually!

The only thing I write these days are corresponding letters to Authorities, angry emails to Engineers for putting columns where I don’t want them or sympathetic emails to Project Manager explaining why I need an extension to a deadline. The only thing I seem to think of these days are all about that building, due to be built in months time, pending on my efficiency. It has become the subject on dinner table, in the car and even on bed! I can’t shut one eye to sleep without talking about it with Fakhrul, about all the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve of the project.

There comes a point in an architect’s life when its not just about ideas and sketches anymore. Its about materializing them. And for me, that time has come and happening right now.  I actually have a very vague idea before this on how to actually build something. Most architects start small like renovation projects, a bungalow or a housing with repetitive floor plan. But I’m a bit unlucky to learn the hard way with this hospital. It comes in slightly complex shape because Client wanted something different, has totally different layouts, services, usages at each levels. And the hardest part is, designing and building a hospital is when an architect has to be at her most sensitive when it comes to the users. I’m not only dealing with the Building By-Laws but also complying with Healthcare Facilities Act. Its hard enough to make a building beautiful using one Act, let alone two!

The project at the moment doesn’t really have a good start to it too. There were too many bumps with the Ministry and the Authorities that we are now way behind the schedule. There are internal disputes between consultants and I have to become the person stuck in the middle trying to resolve them. I’m a bit too overwhelmed with this being my first real project where I’m involved since day one, sometime I have days of desiring to dump it to somebody else. But I can’t, really – it is my baby. Poor Daisy having to compete with a non-human. Working too hard is just not my nature (I’ve always been an average or just-OK in something) and it will be almost unbelievable if I can actually pull this off.

At times like these, I am so glad I had some experience working under people back when in UK. It was 2 miserable years, but I needed those years to happen to me. I couldn’t imagine coming back straight after completing my study and having to coordinate people under me if I had never experienced being the one who’d been coordinated myself. I’m also thankful that I’ve been put in this position where I can work at my most convenience (although there is nothing convenient being in my position right now) where I can still have a life (a little less life than before project gets up to this stage) and not overwork like a maniac. The key is to utilize working hours and get things done before 6pm. Not Facebook-ing, tweeting, BBC-ing,, Daily Mail-ing, or blogging like this!

Hah ~