Reviving Memory: Kat Kedah

by shz

21st Nov 2006

Untuk Abang dan Adik

This was one of my favourite Fotopages post, published during one of my holiday back to Malaysia in one of my student years in UK.  “Untuk Abang dan Adik” was meant for Fakhrul and his brother, Nizam who both at that time had not been back to Malaysia in years. We all hadn’t, I was in Malaysia 3 years ago before that. I went to visit their mother in Kedah and took some photos of their home town and dedicated this for them. Funnily enough (and this might be purely coincidence) since I posted this I realized there has been a growing appreciation to our countryside amongst Malaysian photographers, especially there were a lot of brides and grooms posing out in the paddy fields, which I find great! Proves that we don’t really need to go the distance for beautiful landscapes or backdrops.