Reviving Memories

by shz

Do you miss it? I do too!

Recently since writing Photography Lately I have a sudden phobia or fear that Fotopages might suddenly close for good and I’ll lose all of my memories in it. I also have to acknowledge that ever since I decided to “close” it, there have been countless of enquiries, requests, emails, messages and mentions about opening it back. But if you have a Fotopages account, you’ll know that what I did was unpublishing every single entry. And being a user for years, can you imagine how many clicks I have to do to re-open it again? Yes, lazy is one of my many famous qualities among my friends.

It’s not that I’m unconsidering what other people are feeling, the impact it had and the images that stuck in their minds until now. It’s just that I refused to acknowledge what I was to them, because I’d thought it will be a bit, for the lack of English words, poyo to acknowledge and ultimately do something about it. Or maybe because I left photography a long time ago or my life now is totally different than what it was, I wanted to leave it as it is and keep it as personal memories. But then again, my life wasn’t exactly totally private was it? And because I’ve decided to share it with the world before, why wouldn’t I want to share the memories now? Maybe it’s not so poyo to re-share after all?

And again, it has been years. And it would be fun to see them again, no?

Since I’m very erratic with what I write here, I’m thinking of re-posting an entry from Fotopages a week in this blog. Just to fill the gap while I write/compose the next proper entry. But I’m also unsure whether it’s a good or terrible idea because if I have haters, they are probably nice people because they don’t write to me about hating me. I really want to do it, but I don’t want to be or feel, again, for the lack of English words, syok sendiri or so full of myself! Therefore, I will appreciate very much your opinion and also because secretly, I’ve been wanting to do poll for ages. Had blog for years but never once made a poll! I know that there are over 350 people visiting this blog every day, each of you don’t exactly make your mark at every entry by commenting. So in honour of my first poll ever, do let me know if I’m being considerate to my supporters (yes, still refuse to use the word “fan”) or I’m being so poyo, syok sendiri or full of myself!

Thank you!

Thanks to those who voted. I’ll start looking through my FP and start posting the first one soon!