Photography Lately

by shz

There seems to be few experiences associated with photography lately;

Experience no. 1

Don’t know if you’d noticed, but my Photography Works list to your right is now longer than before. I’ve added pictures from my past travels in Italy, Japan & Bali and also some recollection of past life under Memories. Not forgetting Kedah, a place that has grown into me even before I married someone originated from there. I don’t think they’re brilliant, but worth sharing.

Experience no. 2

Had an interesting experience recently at Shareena’s wedding. During her akad which was held in masjid, obviously there were photography sessions and this photographer she hired asked a group picture with her family, her husband’s family, her husband’s friends and finally with the three of us. The earlier groups had one formal pose, as if they were lining up for some corporate photo, and then to ‘twist’ the second pose a little bit, the photographer asked them to wave bye-bye. He was like, “OK everybody, say bye-byeeee” with his one hand lifted up, and everybody happily obliged. I was like geeeez… really?!

Just before I approached Shareena for our turn, I told the photographer, get a candid photo. But still he instructed us to do that second crappy pose of waving bye-bye. Of course there was no way even in heaven I would do that. So I kept my smile and he snapped once. Once! For a digital picture. As if he only had some sad 3MB CF card on! I mean, my crappy handphone can take more picture than that! Eurgh!

I wasn’t going to say anything if it was someone else’s wedding, but since I know my best friend paid some good money to him, I approached him. Of course with a smile to begin with, mind you, he is quite big like a sumo wrestler, I don’t wanna die on my best friend’s wedding day.

“You ni, apa la amik gamba satu snap je? Patu suruh babai babai pulak. Macam tepape je.. amik la candid sikit, capture moments” As if there weren’t enough famous wedding photographers in Malaysia that he could learn from.

“Ala… makcik-makcik ni kalau you cakap candid diorang bukannya faham sangat.” Lame excuse no. 1.

“You tau tak candid tu tak payah cakap. You just amik je moments tu. Ia bukan sejenis pose.” Education no. 1.

“Ala.. lagi pun kat masjid kan. Nampak tak kena pulak.” Lame excuse no. 2. Who the hell did he think he was kidding?

Later afterward when we went back to her house and hang around her room, I asked her niece to snap a picture of us on the bed, supposedly admiring her lace using a phone camera. It was a good picture, if not great. I’m sure better than waving-bye picture:

I then showed this off to the photographer and said, “Ambik macam ni laa…” He took a shot (one shot, again!) of us in the same position, just not looking at the camera this time and then previewed it to me with his proud face, as if he just bloody invented it, totally disregarding the fact that I was the one who gave him the idea. OK, whatever.

I mean no offense to anybody and I do get it. Not everybody is a great photographer, and not everybody can afford great photographers. But at least for you who take up the job, do it with decency and a little honesty. Having a digital camera doesn’t make you a wedding photographer, you know. Make an effort to at least learn how to take good picture, initiate a good mood with your subjects and for the love of your latest-model camera and super long lens, snap more than once! It’s the digital age, you’re not limited to only 36 exposures-a-roll anymore.

Experience no. 3

Yesterday was one of Fakhrul’s high school friend’s wedding. You know, it was eleven, eleven, eleven and it happens only once ever in the universe or lifetime or whatever, just like all dates really, if you really think about it. There’s a joke in Facebook that Tok Kadi must be having trouble breathing today to perform so many solemnizations. But again, no offense to those who got married on that date – congratulations from me.

So naturally Fakhrul had a mini gathering with his friends and I was so surprised that when he came home and told me that some of them are still talking about my ‘photographic era’. I mean it’s a surprise enough that they know me and what I used to do last time, what I was ‘famous’ for I guess. I thought they’re gonna at least associate me with something that I actually do currently, like blogging or architect-ing. Even whenever I meet his friends, which really rarely, one of the earliest question before starting a conversation is whether if I still photographing. Their question comes complete with a hands gesture of holding a camera, clicking the shutter.

It’s flattering to hear things like that as always, but I’m not that anymore so it kinda makes me feel a little .. expired? Oh well, but at least coincidently right after feeling ‘expired’ I got a random text from my cousin, saying “Sara, Mar just nak bagi tau yang Mar suka sangat baca WordPress Sara. Sara sebenarnya bagi Mar inspiration untuk start tulis kat Blogspot. I love your words and your writing. Keep writing ya Sara.”

Thanks Mar. I guess I just did.