The Day That She

by shz

Although she is one of my three best in life, I quarrel, disagree and argue most with Shareena. But at the same time, she is also the one I feel most comfortable with to open up to, revealing my insecurities in life, my unnecessary worries and the irrational troubles I often went seeking myself.

I said to Mus, who was also a birthday girl on the same day, it was only last year when the four of us went to find baju raya at Jalan TAR together. We then went and had our iftar afterwards and we talked about her unrest worries about being single, at the age of 28 and her urge to start a married life with at that time, no one in mind. Its amazing what has changed in just a year. She is married now, and it all feels surreal.

I feel so blessed to be around to see her achieve her dreams, and looking at her most beautiful too. I would be very sad if circumstances had been different for me, like if I was still in UK and had to miss her wedding. When I watched her walking down the aisle, taking her careful steps up to the decorated stage, holding close to her man and smiling ever so proudly to everyone, I reminisced the times when we were fifteen.

Years went in a blink when you truly enjoy each other’s company. At times like this I wonder if things are ever going to be the same again. And if it does, how long will it lasts? But for now I’m going to put my worries aside and pray that my friend will have a long and peaceful marriage, filled with love, laughter and joy as any marriage should be.