Daisy is Two

by shz

Daisy turned two today.

I always find it hard whenever I want or have to write something general about Daisy. I can do specific things, but sometimes it seems like all words invented in this world will not do proper justice to description of the magnitude of my love for her. Its indescribable in a way that I’m lost for words. That you’ll just have to dig in my heart, swim into my soul to know. I could write many things about her, the funniest thing she’d do, the smartest thing she’d say, the cutest thing she’d be… but I guess I’m just not that kind of mother. Although I assure you I have an infinity list of things I can be proud of my daughter. But like any God’s gift and blessing in life, I feel a lot more comfortable being humbled by it rather than parading my pride.

If I were to say it once yet again how truly blessed I am, you might not be returning to read me again. So let’s just say I am thankful it has been two great, fantastic year with Daisy in my life. I am grateful for the things she does that makes me laugh everyday, the things she makes me realize and the things she makes me who I am.

Mam loves you is an understatement, Daisy.