The Apple of My Eye

by shz

Before I write this post any further, I first have a confession to make: I knew and worshipped Jonathan Ive before Steve Jobs. I thought he was the shiznit, not Mr. Jobs. My first encounter of Jony was when I read an article about him in Icon magazine during my student years. If my dad has had spoiled me and doesn’t teach me the value of money, I would’ve been a Mac user longer than I actually am. Before I converted myself from PC to Mac, I yearned for an Apple product . Just as I drooled and craved for the Clamshell iBook G3 that I saw in Sex and the City.

“Its also like a purse!” Aidan said.

And I also wanted the iMac G4 when I saw the advert:

At that time, to me nothing else of an everyday-use product looked as good. Of course, I was still a student then. I could only settle for PC and also given the fact that Autocad, 3D Studio Max and other architectural softwares at that time were not available in version of Mac. And then in late 2006, I landed my first job in UK and iMac was at its most beautiful ever. In white and very Apple-esque. Even then it still cost almost a whopping £800. Most girls spend their first pay at designer bags or shoes, I had nothing else in mind but an iMac. I remember I spent hours in PCWorld that day, wondering if I was making the right decision. Technology outdates quickly and I was about to spend a lot of money converting myself to a whole new system that was alien to me. But then I bought it anyway, and I even keep the box ’til today. It was almost like an old dream finally came true, a crave satisfied and a yearn fulfilled.

Since then I also got the latest iMac for my use at the office (although it looks very Dell-like and doesn’t come in white), because I snobbishly just wouldn’t settle for anything less than an Apple. I even successfully converted Fakhrul and Amer when they needed a laptop. I told them that they got to have it – at least for the design. As architects, they owe to that!

I remember one fateful day when I was switching rooms with my parents. My so called ‘leaning’ table failed to properly lean and slided off the wall, bringing down my beautiful white iMac and my heavy old DSLR crashing on top of the screen. It cracked, even then it was still working – I could see it from the part of the screen where the pixels were still ‘alive’. I remember I cried like a maniac, then staring at the ceiling for hours, calling Apple Care centres, harassing their operators and gutted that it’ll cost me over RM3000 to get the screen replaced. A nice guy at the centre offered to keep my iMac until I get a compatible second hand part which will cost much less, it was very unlikely but I kept my faith. I was without it for over 5 months when I received a good news and replaced the screen for RM1000. I could’ve gotten a new laptop, but nothing compares to your first Apple. And nothing compares to that beautiful white thing, you see.

Sitting pretty, you white thingy

With Steve’s now gone and although his successors remain, I am now holding tighter than ever to all of my Apples, because God knows when masterpieces like these will ever be invented again. The lost are felt to many, even to PC users, I’m sure. Steve’s world has spun, but for now, here’s to the crazy ones: