Cuckoo on Coconut

by shz

Salam Ramadhan everyone. Its late, I know. The usual me, you know.

I just want to share, I have a bit of crazy obsessions with coconuts. When I first arrived back in Malaysia, I’d have coconuts in my fridge almost every week. It was really rare to find one in UK and the occasional times I get to drink out of the shell at Thai restaurants were usually pricey. So to find its available at supermarkets and also cheap here in Malaysia is like one of the greatest convenience to me.

Surprisingly Daisy loves it too. I think I let her taste it when she was about 8 months, sitting on the dining table with my one hand holding her butt and the other scooping my way through a coconut. She looked so intrigued, so I let her sip a bit of the juice. Now at almost 2 years old, she won’t let me have my coconut alone. She’ll come running as soon as she sees me pushed in a straw and a tea spoon ready. Especially now during Ramadhan, the frequency of me having coconut has increased greatly.

It’s funny to think that eating coconut with my daughter is the only time I really, really spend a meaningful time with her. It’s not like while we are playing when most of the times its aggressive and she’s always running around, getting into my nerves. Or when we were tickling or wrestling on the bed and its so noisy with laughter and occasional cries. Or the time when I put on any Studio Ghibli stuffs and she’d be quiet, doesn’t want anybody interrupting her and I’d turn to my computer instead. This is one true quiet moment when she’s at still on my lap, she’s concentrating and waiting patiently for me to scoop the coconut meat to be fed to her. She gets excited when she finally see the soft, thin, white thingy in the spoon like yay, Mama finally gets it! Mind you, it’s not easy to catch one especially the thin ones floating from the juice. And she’d open her mouth wide, pushing it in properly if it falls off a bit near her lips. Then she’d turn to me and smile and gets excited again for the next one.

And I’d tell her things like, “Ooops Mama missed it” or “Alaa, susah la Daisy..” and she would respond in her language which I still can’t understand. Sometimes I’d slip real or serious conversations with her while doing my scooping, telling her how my day was and how she had to have her medicine so she can get better or don’t just eat chicken, she gotta have the rice and veggies too. It’s such a simple moment that brings big meaning to me, I’d never guessed having a coconut would be a thing with me and my daughter. And after few minutes of that, she’d be running back to her usual toy errands and I’m back to my usual tired self. But it makes such difference to have that, if not everyday at least few times a week this month.