Dear Amy

by shz


Gosh I’m bummed. I’m truly, bitterly annoyed waking up on beautiful Sunday morning to the news of your death.

Just merely a month ago I tweeted after your chaotic drunken performance in Balgrade, you might soon join the stupid club of Cobain and Hendrix alike, just to find out today that you actually did. Seeing you wasting your God given talent was hurtful. And I swear just yesterday I was thinking after hearing about the horrid thing that happened in Norway, who is someone I never met has to die for me to be sad? Which rock star, which celebrity, which actor, which singer? This morning I got my answer.

I’d come to love you on you first album, Frank. I remember the first time I listened to it was in my brother’s car, when he was taking me for a ride in London. I was just visiting him, I was still in UTM Skudai then, in the brink of my final diploma year. I loved it so much I made a copy of your CD so I can bring back in Malaysia. I swear before that, I never heard anything like you, ever. And then there was the famous Back to Black. When it first came out, I was in another brink of final year, this time of my degree back in Oxford. I was dancing stupidly with my friends to You Know I’m No Good, behind the till at Marks & Spencer, when I was on my part time job there. I think for a good 7 months afterwards, I was humming to your songs only. Me & Mr Jones, Love is A Losing Game, Rehab, Back to Black was all playing in my head.

With the recent ascent of Adele, it’s easy to forget that it was Winehouse who kicked back open the door for real melody, genuine rhythm and lyrics soaked in passion. Certainly for young female artists, Amy Winehouse was a creative inspiration, the like of which hadn’t been seen for many years.

– Barbara Ellen, Guardian

I can’t help agreeing. I just can’t believe you won’t be making music after this and the magnitude of talent that we all have lost. For years I was waiting and wondering when will you come up with new things, maybe you have, only unreleased which I hope soon will. It has been in the history, that the creative geniuses cannot hang in this world and all they become are crazy and self destructive. How true this is to you. Your life maybe short lived, but your talent and your voice may not.

What a shame, and what kind of fuckery are you Amy, for you leaving this world too early is insane.