When Homecoming

by shz

I’m back! Well, few days ago already actually. Just when I thought I had finished unpacked, I was packing again for my cousin’s wedding in JB. So here I am still contemplating about the short trip I had back to the UK.

Let’s go through my list shall we:

1. Eat Thornton ice cream : I did, I did, I did! Sedap nak mampos.

2. Eat Chicken Tikka Masala at Kebab House in Headington: Unfortunately no. But I did peek from the top of the bus, the cook is still the same guy.

3. Eat M&S’ potato gratin : I didn’t, since I was craving for nasi lauk the whole time when I was there. So the whole time I was stalking Malaysian Hall for food.

4. Buy panties and bras at M&S – I swear they make the most comfortable lingerie : I think I stocked up like there’s no tomorrow. Well, technically there was no tomorrow for me on M&S Summer Sale.

5. Take a drive to Burton-On-The-Water : Took a drive to Cambridge instead, visiting a place I’d never been and a friend living there at the same time made more sense.

6. Sit at Borders in Broad St in Oxford – I used to do this with Fakhrul when we had nothing to do :  Sadly Borders are not there anymore, and I didn’t make it pass Broad St when I was walking in Oxford town. 

7. Stalk HMV to find DVDs I couldn’t find in Malaysia – Before Sunset, Great Expectations, A Good Year, East is East, to name a few : Only found A Good Year. And even that was a last minute one at the airport… Well, better than nothing I guess.

8. Take a bus no. 400 or no. 7A from Headington to Oxford town, as this was my transportation for the whole 6 years when I was there : Took a bus no 4 to Botley instead to my friend’s place for mini gathering.

9. Walk to Oxford Brookes campus : No chance, just passed through it on a car.

10.  Have hot chocolate at M&S in Summertown. This was where I always wait for Fakhrul until he finishes his office hours during the last few months before going back to Malaysia : Missed both Summertown and hot chocolate. Sobs.

It was a whole lot different this time now that I was only there for few days and occupied most of the times. I didn’t have much free time as I thought I would, nevertheless I’m glad whenever I have some I got to see my friends and spent time with Amer & Nizam. It was so nice how everybody seemed so accommodating, offering places to stay, bought us lunches, dinner and paying some of our transportation but most importantly, they made time for us. The trip was such short noticed for anybody to take a day off or arrange a rental car but for some reasons, we managed.

Funnily enough, I think I bump into many people I’m acquainted to during this trip than I ever do in Malaysia. First there was Ramona who I’d known ever since before I even came to study in UK, then Kak Rini who was the first and only person I’d agree to take a photography assignment for and the most surprising of all,  we bumped into our tutors back in Oxford Brookes Uni! I can tell from their faces that they were so surprised when I told them I was in London for a meeting, they must’ve never thought I’d end up being an architect considering how bad I did in school, hahaha..

So, here are pictures, with memories of rides in the parks, lunch at Hampstead, dinner in Covent Garden, Peter Zumthor’s pavillion, architectural trip to the Olympic site, playing piano in Canary Wharf, seeing Richard Rogers’ latest work at One Hyde Park, the vertical landscape in Trafalgar Sq,walks through the mews, punting in Cambridge, friend’s lamb chop under a grape tree, strawberries and cherries, tensed in meetings, hugging friends I’d missed, revisiting Oxford and everything else I left off, in a short brief but at my own sweet times.

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