When in London

by shz

The clock’s showing 5.16am. I’d never been up this early, even in Malaysia. My feet are still aching from yesterday’s long walk. The light has started to come into the room that is so silent it makes me feel like my ears have gone deaf. Quite honestly, I’d never thought I would come here again, let alone stepping on the pavements in 23 degrees, sunny with cool breeze. The weather on Monday was so brilliant, that Nizam decided to take a day off from work and took us lunch at Hampstead. But not before visiting the Olympic Village under construction and playing the street piano at One Canada Square in Canary Wharf.

Fakhrul especially was so excited there was the four of us again. I think I share the same feeling, it definitely was like the old times. Half through the day, Amer joined us to Hyde Park, where we all cycled on rented bikes. My perception on London was totally changed afterwards with this new Barclays Bicycle Hire scheme. The attractions are more accessible, getting through London town is not as tiring compared going through on foot and doing that especially on one of the best day during summer 2011 was just fantastic. And also being a non resident this time helped too.

We stretched our legs to Covent Garden Market next where Amer insisted we tried on the best tasting ice cream. Mixed the chocolate with raspberry flavor he said, exactly what we did and it was delicious exactly like he said. While we were busy licking and scooping the ice cream, Nizam went on and on about this fabulous Moroccan restaurant nearby and off we went for dinner. We ordered tajines and it tasted as good as the ones we had in Morocco years ago. The most hilarious part of dinner was Nizam’s attempt to try the non-alcoholic margarita. He ordered one that was made of tomato juice, mixed with celery, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco, which is called Virgin Mary. Amer kept calling it Bloody Mary but to me, it tasted like bloody hell. It was even more hilarious to learn that its a drink for people to recover from drunkenness, and when the waiter delivered the drink she was actually confused and then we knew why.

We were like a bunch of stoned people afterwards, knackered, sleepy and dizzy. Took a bus from Tottenham Court Road straight back to Paddington and slept early. I know I’m here for work, but as of yesterday I just couldn’t help feeling like I had such a satisfying day. It was definitely not what I expected from a business trip, but when I’m with my three guys, nothing is business I guess.