by shz

Right, since there is 85% chance I’m going back to my town, I first would like to think of things I’m going to do:

1. Eat Thornton ice cream

2. Eat Chicken Tikka Masala at Kebab House in Headington

3. Eat M&S’ potato gratin

Homaigod.. I think I sound like a fat girl already.

4. Buy panties and bras at M&S – I swear they make the most comfortable lingeries.

5. Take a drive to Burton-On-The-Water

6. Sit at Borders in Broad St in Oxford – I used to do this with Fakhrul when we had nothing to do.

7. Stalk HMV to find DVDs I couldn’t find in Malaysia – Before Sunset, Great Expectations, A Good Year, East is East, to name a few.

8. Take a bus no. 400 or no. 7A from Headington to Oxford town, as this was my transportation for the whole 6 years when I was there.

9. Walk to Oxford Brookes campus

10.  Have hot chocolate at M&S in Summertown. This was where I always wait for Fakhrul until he finishes his office hours during the last few months before going back to Malaysia.

Actually I’ll be there for work, but I’m going swallow some water while diving (sheesh, sounds stupid when I direct-translate it like that!) and take few more days to reminisce the place that means so much to me. When I was about to leave UK for good, I installed one thought in my head to overcome the grief and sadness of leaving that place: I’m going to visit this place again someday. When I got back and started earning in RM, I realize how distant the idea actually is. I might never ever go back since it makes more sense to spend my money travelling to other places I’d never been yet. But then I get lucky. Really, really lucky.

But the downside is, I’ll be leaving Daisy for a week. This is the first time I’ll ever be apart from her, sleeping without her by my side, kicking my head. And it’ll be so great if I could bring her and introduce her to all of my friends, who had only known her through pictures.

And therefore;

   Yes, that’s me alright..