The Things We Lost in Movie

by shz

I’m sorry if my update after a week of not writing is about a review of a movie. And its a Malay movie! So bear with me.

I have to admit, I love Nur Kasih the series. I thought it was beautifully written, beautifully shot and beautifully acted. I gotta say, before Nur Kasih, I was prejudiced with the Malaysian dramas. You know those dragging story lines and sometimes it took ages for an actor to deliver a sentence. And normally there were these lengthy shots of an actor staring at nothingness being unnecessarily emotional with mellow music at the background. Urgh, I swear sometimes it could take up to 3 mins of just that! I was like, move on already!!

And so yesterday glorious afternoon, I decided to watch the newly anticipated movie version along with my friends who suffice to say, expected the same sort of quality and standard that made the series such a big deal. A friend tweeted a day before, the first 10 minutes was enough to make you cry. And so we all kept our silence, stopped our silly jokes before the movie started and really, I mean, really tried to build up our emotions as Aidil grieved over the death of his beloved wife. But somehow that grief didn’t reach me. I felt just a bit, because that kid who played Elias was so good portraying his emotions of a son who just lost his mother.

From that point on, all I can say it was totally, utterly joke. I mean come on! First there was this miscarriage, OK lah, pity them. Then there was the Jordan scene that really made me wanna go to Petra. Then came this train wreck scene that was so carelessly done. First of all, I thought it was probably more logical to have the train derailed rather than hitting a tank lorry who apparently stuck in the middle of the rail and for God knows what reason couldn’t have the engine started. The portrayal of aftermath was even funnier, there were this burning and screaming Arab with a very badly CGI-ed fire that looked like a scene from Ghost Rider! With everything they profited from the series and the big budget they had, couldn’t they just hire a stunt man for that? Or if not, don’t do it at all! Then there was Adam who suddenly let go of Nur who he thought was dead already, went to a corner to doa and turned around to find Nur much alive, posing like Cleopatra. Haih…

And as if that was not enough for these poor two, Adam was lost in the desert because he went back to find Nur’s lost ring. OK, for all of you who are big crybabies, you probably think that was the most romantic thing ever. But to me it was pretty idiotic. Buy her a new ring, more expensive or bling is even more romantic. Then there was Nur freaking out, trying to find her husband carrying around a photo to show at every strangers along the road, and suddenly the last stranger she met before discovering Adam, she had to turn to her newly found artistic skills and sketch Adam’s face on a paper. Where the hell was this photo she was previously seen carrying around?

Suddenly Adam has a heart problem. I had a problem with him acting like he’s sleepy and stoned everytime he portrays the agony of chest pain. Hadoiyayy.. A doctor friend tweeted, “Macam tu la kot (Orang sakit jantung). Tak penah la plak dpt case shrapnel dekat jantung kehkeh” .. One after another anguishing test and it made me think, God can’t be this cruel. Enough already. And don’t even get me started with the ending. The scene with the older version of Nur and Aidil and the attempt to insert some elements from The Notebook was really confusing and disappointing! Intervened with shots of picture frames on walls that were badly Photoshop-ed and suddenly, uikk? Norman Hakim? Ewa said she was looking for Memey in the picture. LOL. And the funniest of all that made me laugh till tears burst from my eyes was the scene of the old Adam died while painting and sitting, inclined to one side. I laughed so hard that I heard someone next to my friend said, “Siapa yang gelak tu?”. Sorry lah brader, I couldn’t contain myself.

After watching it, I just couldn’t help but feeling that Nur Kasih should’ve been left where it previously ended. It would’ve been a good memory to us all who are fans of it. If you do a movie just for the sake of it without attention to details, this is what happened. I feel that this movie didn’t take its time enough to be produced properly, for the actors to research more thoroughly the things that matter but most of all, the writer didn’t take enough time to plot the story line carefully in order to resurrect our beloved characters. And quite frankly, Nur Kasih isn’t the same without the living Ayu Raudah, Shiela Mambo, Rahim Omar, Jalaluddin Hassan, and most importantly – Umie Nazeera. And sorry Tiz, Yassin’s version is more haunted than yours.

So there you go, the story of how I lost 11 ringgit and 2 hours of my life that I’ll never get back. Well, it is just.. too bad.