Ini Rindu dan Mengadu Lagi

by shz

I once posted this photo in 2006 in my Fotopage. I titled the entry, “Ini Rindu dan Mengadu”. I was still in Oxford then, and missed her terribly so. What you didn’t know was that my mother wrote back to me when she saw it. This is what she wrote:

Gambar kita berdua brings a lot of memory to me. I never knew you still have that picture. It was taken by Abah using the old camera that is with you now at the compound of Majlis Daerah Kajang, in front of Immigration Department applying your international passport before we go to England. You were 9 years old.

My glasses was huge and funny and I am really glad that we were close and you were cute and today you are a beautiful woman and I hope you take good care of yourself like I took good care of you for many years.

I really hope you take care of your children like I took care of you. I can still remember how we planned for you to be an architect like us and you are now on your way. We took you to many places so that it will influence you to be what we have been planning. In a way we are close to what we planned before. Looking back we are actually living and planning for the children and we enjoyed it when we succeed.

Happy Mother’s Day dear mothers and children.