Afternoon Ride

by shz

I was taking my usual afternoon ride with my girl today.

Those moments when I was paddling my bicycle making my way through the roads of my neighborhood always become the time when I truly feel like I can hear my thoughts and thoroughly understand my feeling for the day. Oftentimes its always the same thing, no matter how bad the day was, I’ll get a great emotions rushing up all over me by seeing things along my way.

I would first pass my late grandmother’s house, which now resided by my aunt’s family. There’s this big yard where I used to play rounders with my cousins with the wax apple tree that we used to picnic our lunches underneath it. Some days I would find my auntie on the swing where my late grandmother used to sit and I would stopped by to say hi. Then would pass more houses where I see mothers sweeping with children skipping and fathers eating. Everything is happening right in front of the house where people like me can see. I would go down the little hill and peeked to the river to my right and see boys catching fish. It’s not really a clean river and they probably won’t eat their catch, but maybe just for the fun of it.

And then I would pass more houses until the end of the road on my route where I could see the tall KPJ Kajang building right in front of me. And everytime I see it, the memories of giving birth to Daisy will overcome me. “That’s where you were born, that is probably the window to the room we used to stay” I would say to Daisy. And she never failed to lift her hand and point her finger to that building. Maybe it was tall and look gigantic compared to the kampung houses she just passed by.

I would turn around and go back the opposite way. And everytime I pass this one white house, the children playing near it would stop and looked at us. They’d say, “Tengok tu.. comel sangat” which I’m pretty sure was directed to Daisy and not me. Some days they’d wave at me and not being able to balance with one hand, I’d throw them my biggest smile. I’d get home and by that time I could already hear the azan. I missed it when I was in UK. It makes such a difference in life just to hear azan few times a day in my life. There’s a lot of comfort I found in it, especially after a really hard or a bad day.

And then tomorrow, I’ll ride again. Strap my baby on her seat, put a helmet on her head and carefully balance my way on the bicycle to experience the great 20 minutes again.