The Case of Casey

by shz

In the past, I had never seen the last nine of American Idol. First of all, its American. I’m pretty prejudiced with the current American music scene in general. Its overrated, its too commercialized and no personality. So I never really bothered. Plus, back in UK they don’t really show American stuffs. But even when I get a chance to peek, it wasn’t even remotely interesting for me.

And then there’s this whole Chris Medina frenzy, that even if I watch it again now for the 28th time, will make me sob like a baby. That’s the starting point of it all. By the time they were shortlisting the Top 24, I was hooked. Even when I missed the live shows, I’ll make sure I watch the reruns.  I gotta say, this year’s line up caught my eye. They’re not all pop and necessarily pretty and same old stuff it used to be. I was gonna give up on America with the beavers of Bieber and monsters of Gaga until along came Casey:

First of all, forget the scruffy beard, the uncombable hair and those teddy eyes so annoyingly close to each other. Guys, this kid is 19 years old. 19!! Not even 20! And have you seen him rockin’ that bass, which I’m sure isn’t the only instrument he plays? When was the last time you met a teenager who idolizes Ray Charles, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald or Kansas Joe McCoy? Casey is such a rare breed and personally, I think he’s just too talented for that show. But thank his lucky stars, otherwise we all wouldn’t had known him.

I am for once bumped hard to the ground when I learned that last week he was at the bottom of bottom 3. Thankfully the judges weren’t as idiots as the other Americans who didn’t vote for him, hence the save. It was one of the most emotional thing I’d ever watch on TV to see this old soul who’s trapped in a ridiculously young body ran off to hug his mom. With all the jazz and blues he did that normally only some middle age man could embrace, he’s actually just a kid inside. And I think everyone who saw that felt him, felt that too.

I don’t hope for him to win. With the shallowness of American people who normally would only vote for looks and high range voice, I’d be surprised if he did. But surely I’d be the first in line to get his records when he’s out. Casey is such a breath air for this dark age of American music industry. And I for one, am already a fan.