When We Were Three

by shz

We were three years in marriage yesterday. Three years. Someone who has been married for twenty or more would give me a smirk. But I don’t care.

I’m not even gonna try to be smart or write something romantic here. Or tell you how we met or how we fell in love. I’m just gonna quote an excerpt from YBLalat‘s lovely writings, since I’ve found back my favorite writer.

I hope he’s a good listener. An understanding man. A man of fatherly virtues you have been talking about, those you couldn’t find in any man you know here, back home, or in New Brunswick. A responsible man. A man who adores you. A man who loves your friends and treats them like his own. I remember you said you would judge a man based on how he treats your friends, and not your family. I remember telling you that that is odd, to give preference to friends over family. You said, one of God’s better gifts is the freedom to choose your best friends. Family, as much as you love them, you were born into them.

Here’s hoping to those who hasn’t. May you find yours, as I found mine.