When in Tokyo in Pictures

by shz

It was a trip with my husband, a trip with my daughter, a trip with my girlfriends, a trip meeting old friends, an architectural, educational trip and a shopping trip. Its a trip to the biggest and most modern city in the world, yet its not crazy, hectic and a freaked one either. I could go on about amazing things of this trip, but for now, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. 

Day One

In the morning, trying to find Asakusa

D loving her time in front of Tokyo National Museum

Strolling around Ueno Park

Asakusa at last

Ueno at night

While waiting to get food

Day Two

While you were sleeping

This is Odaiba

Little girl happy

This is Ginza – ready for an architectural trip!

Not Hermes, but Renzo Piano!

Not Makimoto, but Toyo Ito!

Not Dior, but Fuksas!

Its not the Prada, its the building! Ok, maybe a little Prada won’t hurt

Day Three

Went to Yokohama with some nice Japanese speaking people, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get there. It was purposely just for the sake to see the Osanbashi Pier, designed by Foreign Office Architects. I drooled at the pictures of the project when I was a student, so it was quite thrilling to step on those timber deckings.

Yokohama Terminal, baybee!

Would’ve been a sin as an architect not to go there since it was just an hour away!

One favorite pix with favorite girl I knew since I was six!

With my other favorite girl that I knew since she was born

With my guy

Inside the column-less space

With the rest of the gang

Cherishing our youths

I had to stock Chuppa Chups like apocalypse just to make sure she’s quiet

Day Four & Five

Had some Japanese breakfast, just for 300 yen

My girl in the morning

The garden

Crossing the famous crossings at Shibuya

In front of Meiji-jingumae entrance

Herzog & De Meuron’s Prada in Aoyama

D is getting some hand warming lessons from D

This is where we spent our leftover yens

OK, at this point I’m already tired of uploading pictures. There are lots more but I hope you can sum up of what an amazing holiday I just had. I’m trying to think the things I might’ve left in previous entry, if I missed something great to say about the city, but I guess I’m no travel writer. I just write from my experience, a very personal experience, between me and Tokyo.