The Other Woman

by shz

I have to say. I’m not an avid follower of Malaysian celebrities, I still don’t know exactly who is who and catching up with a lot of things Malaysian. Heck, I’m still confused which is LDP which is DUKE. But I’m getting around things. I know, laugh. Mind you, I spent all my driving age in JB and UK, where I studied. So, I’m trying my best with my lack of sense of orientation and geography.

But I can’t help noticing one of my old friend, who bloomed in the industry gracefully with all the charm that is hers. That is Nora Danish herself. We went way back in Form 2 in Convent Kajang. We were quite close for awhile until both of us changed classes after PMR and discovered our own clique of friends. I used to hang out at her place and we went out some weekends like any normal friends do.

Honestly, I was so surprised she ventured into acting because she was the last person I thought would do so. I mean, if you knew her back then, she was such a shy girl, very low key and definitely was not one of the hu-ha type. Sometimes I’m surprised she has voice in acting at all, because last time whenever she speaks, I could hardly hear her! But I guess she gained confidence in doing so and I’m so glad things turned out well for her.

It was too bad that the man she married was a bad judgement and suffice to say, was a wrong call. It’s no secret, I think everybody knows that. Especially with the woman she had to deal with after it all ended. Its a shame, because when you’re pressed into a situation that is so hurtful, it could bring out the worse in you. As a married woman, I could understand. I mean, if it happened to me I probably would’ve acted worst. Seriously, I don’t know how she found the strength to go through pregnancy without a husband and by having to deal with the other woman. But I think she did well. Don’t you think so? Handled truly like a dignified and respected woman, which I am glad for.

Even though we don’t keep in touch anymore, that doesn’t stop me from feeling inspired. For such a fragile surface, indeed she’s a fighter. And I cannot even imagine her being bitchy and all that. No wonder she maintains good relationship with the in-law. She could still let her ex to father her son. I mean, I don’t think I would wanna look at Fakhrul’s face if he’d done something like that. Hahaha. Touch wood!

So here’s to all strong woman out there. And to you Nora, for making it look so easy to handle a woman who crowded it all. Here’s a saying that can’t be said enough, what goes around indeed comes around.