For The Love of Writing

by shz

Geez, I really hope all this tweeting thing is not going to take me out of this space. I mean, its almost the same as blogging. But you know, recently I read a blog post from this guy, Obe, who writes good stuff but it can be quite scary knowing how angry he is in his posts sometimes. Hahaha. Or maybe it’s just me, I can easily be a chicken. By the way, he mentioned,

“If you opened a blog just to become famous I suggest you stop now. Delete your account and start TWEETING for fuck sake. Blogger is so yesterday! Why do you think I am on twitter all the time?

On a side note I really don’t like the current generation of bloggers. Especially those who started blogging for the wrong reasons. These are the same mothafucks who post pictures more than written word. The same bastards who is more well known for their cuteness than the quality of their writing! Yes I am an oldfag and I still think blogging should be about writing first and everything else came later. I am just bitter I guess. Imagine writing for 10 years to get where I am now and an 18 year old kid become famous because of her duckface, 6 packs or jambu face! RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

I can’t help agreeing, despite all the swearing, it’s so true. I mean, when I started blogging back then circa 2004, I could easily find good written blogs everywhere. I can’t remember all but among what I used to dig were YB Lalat’s Chronic Mass and Idaman’s Diaryland. I could always go back and read their archives, as if I am reading my favorite books or watch my favorite movies for the second or third time, longing to feel the emotions they made me feel when I first read it. But its sad .. most of the good ones left untraceable, or maybe it was just me who stopped visiting and then forgot where it was. Idaman still writes in her new link, not sure if she wants me to publicize it but she only writes like once in a blue moon. If only she tweets, I bet it is as good as her blog.

And all of these people just inspired me to write better, to be more conscious about my words and what I’m typing about. To compose my sentences better and to write and rewrite until I feel it is thoughtful enough to share. Occasionally I also enjoy light headed blogs. I also enjoy looking at pictures, videos or simply a post sharing an interesting link. I too do that at times. But I just feel it doesn’t inspire much, or anything at all. Doesn’t really help bringing out the creative you. Worst, some made me feel a little insecure with a simple life of mine, of things I wanted to achieve but could not, of things I wanted to buy but could not afford. Admittedly, sometimes I can be weak inside too.

Usually people who were so good in writing don’t even care to reveal who they are. Clearly I’m not one of them since I have exposed so much about myself even from the very beginning. Its a mystery who they are, what are their lives like and all of the things you don’t know about them just made you go back to their blogs, hoping in their new posts you’ll get another clue about them. Oftentimes, you just can’t relate because the writings are so good its only logical in your mind they were writing fictions.

I’m sure there are good, if not great blogs around. I probably just don’t have enough time to surf to find, or simply writing this out of my lack of knowledge on the subject. There were a lot of times I was tempted to write in BM (I did, once!) and just go spontaneous as it feels freer to get my thoughts across. It will take less time and I’ll probably blog more that way, but I just couldn’t. Whenever it comes to this space, it just had to be proper and structured. It may be a substandard one but at least it has been given a bit of a thought.

As for spontaneous, well, I guess that’s what Twitter is for.