Two Thousand Eleven

by shz

I probably had the calmest and most subtle new year’s celebration this year.

Previously I made two attempts to celebrate new year in London. One was sucessful. Although it was a spontaneous decision to hop on a bus from Oxford to London after a long day of working from our part time jobs, we got there just in time. We found a spot overlooking the London Eye where the fireworks show was going to be and had a blast. Getting back was slow with all the crowd. The second attempt which was a failure was some suicidal one. We got there late and with all the crowd pushing in we got stuck in between. Fakhrul and his brother were casted away from us and I was so scared I was going to die stampeded. But alhamdulillah I got out with my friends who cried after. Pretty traumatizing just to watch some fireworks.

This was 2006 – the successful attempt.

And then this year. You probably don’t know this (or maybe you do) but Fakhrul’s birthday is on new year. Pretty stupid to act like I forgot, so every new year is a two in one celebration for the last 9 years or so. This year we were suppose to just have dinner at the warung near our house, but Amer and I wanted something fancy so we went to my favourite Cafe Barbera in Bangsar. The Italian food there is better than the real Italian food I had in Italy, and the chocolate fondant is to die for. To my surprise, Qadir brought Nadwah, who was one of the gang back in UTM but haven’t met her in ages (last time was my wedding!) and I was sooo pleased. The first thing she said to me after all these years was “I thought we were going to warung so I’m in this t-shirt!!” After all the babbling about how overdressed I was and how underdressed she was, she finally hugged me. So typical of Nadwah.

We thought of going back after the dinner that we finished around 11++pm. But Nad suggested to go to this secret spot she knows overlooking the KL skyline. I can’t tell you where, otherwise I wouldn’t say “secret spot”. Well, it was not so secret since there were few people there as well. This time we waited in the warmth of KL’s air, instead of the chilly cold one somewhere in the UK. It was your iconic towers instead of somebody else’s ferris wheel.We waited for it. And there it was, beautifully sparked in the sky. And there were no chaos, no crowd, no fighting, no sound. Just in company of great friends in the night silence with occasional distant thumps.

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2010 is officially history. Forget about what you could not be or what you could have been. Forget about those hopes and dreams that didn’t come true and pray for the new ones this year. Happy 2011 everyone!