by shz

I found this picture while I was digging for old photography works, tucked somewhere in unnamed folder.

It is a picture of a window of my old room in Oxford. My very, very first room. I got a good stare at this picture. It pretty much sums up my life at that time. There’s this pot of flowers that I put in a larger vase filled with water. You can see how busy I was that I didn’t have time to change it, it got really green and yellow. That vase was something I got for 50p when I was doing part time at M&S’ furniture department. Actually I got a lot of things for 50p whilst working there. It was a blast, although most of the times it was mixed with feeling like a loser who hadn’t finished her study and ended up taking people’s orders on a three-seater.

Then there’s this heater. I had to buy like 3 heaters to finally find that one that actually didn’t make me die frozen in my room. I had the coldest room, because it was the only room with 3 of its walls exposed to the outside. I loved that heater. I remember letting it go to a friend when I came back here. I hope it still serve them good.

There’s some reading books and I can see orange one at the end was Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. I still haven’t finished that yet if you can believe it. Am a slow reader.

It was so weird to see the TV antenna by the window. I can’t seem to remember where my TV was in the room.

There’s a pile of drawings there too. Some busy struggling architecture student’s life.

And finally, that camera. Something I used a lot. Something that really defined me at that time.