Blah to Bali

by shz

What do you call someone who loves traveling but hates packing?

I am soooo excited about this holiday. The last time I planned a holiday was before I found out that I was pregnant. I booked a 6 days excursion to Spain, had it all planned out fantastically only to found out that my professional exam clashed with the day of my departure, and that I was too pregnant by that time for such am adventurous plan. Obviously I was crushed, because that would’ve been my last ever holiday from the UK, to Europe. And I never set my foot to Spain. I know I could have like done one whole week train jumping here and there all over the Europe and cover all, but that’s just not my style. And naively when I was in UK, I thought I had all the time in the world go it all.

When I go some place, I like to take my time and see all the places, grasp the culture until I feel Italian or Moroccan or New Yorker by the time I leave. It’s hard to get the essence of a place when you’re rushing some place else.

We’re flying to Bali tomorrow for 4 days. Obviously its a very touristy place to go, but I hope the things we’re going to do are going to leave us feeling Balinese at the end of it. I actually have been there before, like when I was 9. I really don’t have any memory of Bali last time, I only remember that every day I looked forward for a swim in the hotel’s pool. I would actually stay in until my eyes are red.

Oh my God, I still haven’t packed. And I have to pack for three! Daisy just did her passport and she looks so cute! Hahaha.

I know it seems like a pointless thing to do to bring a one-year old abroad when she can’t even tell where her nose is. But just like my parents did, I want to harvest the love for travels to her at earliest age possible. I think as much as a formal education is important, seeing places and getting to know new things can educate people as well. People who have met other people, been with different culture, places and way of living will find themselves easily suited in a new crowd. I really don’t understand how some people (who can afford travel) can feel so content being and living the same routine, without having any desires to go places. Yes, I’ve met them.  I just want to shout at them, HEY THESE PLACES ARE INTERESTING! So yes people, get out of your chair and book that holiday that has been circling in your head for six months!

I hope this will be a good one. Pray for our safe journey and great holiday. Back to packing now! Back? Just starting to pack now!