Daisy is 1

by shz

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Daisy turned 1 last Friday.

Can you believe it, that she is one already? We decided to throw her a little party, although the first one is usually the mother’s overexcited hormones rather than the kid’s. We won’t do this every year of course, but I think it would be nice to show her her first birthday party in pictures.

Normally I would have a lot to say and express, but we are all going to Bali this Friday and that is all I can think about. I think mostly I  am just grateful, happy and contented that I’m bestowed with such a beautiful baby, who is cheeky and funny and shows that she loves me unconditionally. It’s amazing how the presence of this new person changed my life and myself. Changed me and my husband.

I love you Daisy, and happy birthday darling.