Post Period Entry

by shz

Lately I’ve been contemplating about the hardship of being a woman.

Recently I visited two of my girlfriends who just gave births to their daughters. Like I did too and most women except for Gisele Bunchen (just google her post baby body), they put on quite a lot of weight and looked totally different than I remembered. I went home and viewed the pics when I was at 38 weeks and right after I gave birth to Daisy. I didn’t look like myself at all..

As a woman I usually find it hard and often feel envious towards a simpler demands on life my husband has. Right after Daisy came out and still traumatized over my birth experience, I took up contraceptive pills like a hormonal crazy person. If I missed one day, I’d freak out like mad. They say these pills will change your body in some ways, normally you’ll gain weight easier than without it and I think this is probably true. I’m still having the hardest time trying to shed off the last 5 kilos to get back the weight before I was pregnant. To do that I occasionally became vegetarian, resisted my love for fine desserts and visited one place I hate most – the gym. Unlike my husband who’s the case of eat-all-you-can and still maintaining whatever figure he has been having, and at times allowed to overlook certain chores when it comes to baby and household because it is quite a norm for guys not to do those stuff.

But we working women work as hard during the day at the office, yes?  While men’s job finishes when they leave the offices, women’s seem endless – we have to work, look after ourselves, babies and husbands, take care of our health so we’re not knocked up too soon again, diet our assess off so our BMI is right, groom ourselves so we don’t look so sakai all the time and really, the list goes on. And it only gets worse and harder as time goes by. Men gets sexier as they get older and they don’t need painful surgeries or ridiculous Botox for that, but us? All of these stories of celebrities married off someone’s husbands and older men are making me insecure. Not that I don’t trust my husband, but in general, we can’t resist that fear. Being a woman is harder than a man, and sometimes I don’t think we’ve been given enough credits for. And this is also why when I conceived, as much as it is such a blessing and fun and joy to have my baby girl, I first wished for a boy. Because the life will probably be easier. Just probably.

Anyhow, I think there are also blessings in disguise that Allah bestowed upon us women for being women. I know mine, and surely I hope you girls can see yours too.