Salam Aidilfitri

by shz

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Okay, as usual my apologies to those who kept visiting my blog hoping for an update. I told you I was going sakan this year for Raya, which I definitely did!

When you have your families and friends around you, wanting to see you, wanting to spend time with you, wanting to see your child, writing a blog will be the last thing on your mind. I’ve been enjoying food, the companies of great friends and visiting those who I seldom see. Not to mention a lot of my girlfriends due to have babies this month and oh my, those open houses. At times like this suddenly we realized that we actually got so many friends. Friends from high schools which a lot of them I am still close and in touch with, friends from UTM and of course, those from Oxford. So imagine when we had our house opened and everyone came at one time, there were only so many I could entertain.

This year was my first Raya in Sg Petani. At first I was a bit skeptical about their Raya programs as with the northern part of Malaysia being so hot compared to KL, they would nap every afternoon because of that. I mean, come on, napping during Raya? Anyway, we had our last iftar at Fakhrul’s grandmother’s house, which we call Atok, in Alor Star and all of his cousins and aunties and uncles and everyone gathered there that night. His Pak Ngah, which we call Anyah is famous for his skills cooking Nasi Danging. Its sort briyani type mixed with chunks of meat and eaten with dalca sauce and air asam. I’m telling you, and this is coming from someone who is not so adventurous when it comes to her food.. it was soo soooo good. People would eat and have their Maghrib prayer and go for a second round afterwards.

Did I say I have the best mother in law in the world? I mean, on Raya morning unlike any other mothers who wake all their children at dawn, she would just let us take our time. Obviously we were late as we had to drive up back to Alor Star because everyone gather there. Lucky enough we managed to get there on time and when they asked my mother in law why we weren’t there earlier she just said, “Well, there are babies…” Fakhrul’s late grandfather was an imam and they normally pray at home instead of at the mosques. So to see a Raya prayer performed at home was quite  something new for me. Afterwards they visited the graveyard of their late grandfather who just passed away when I was in confinement last year and came back for photo session, which I’ve shared the pics. 😉 Of course after the formal one in the morning, we went for the informal one in the afternoon after everything settled down.  There’s paddy fields at the back of Atok’s house and it doesn’t matter whether it’s green with new leaves, matured in gold or just being worked on, its so beautiful out there.

Daisy was wearing her first baju kurung, which everyone found so cute. Cute yes, but I could see she was having a hard time trying to fit in there. It was stinking hot and she sweats easily, she was in a foul mood because of that I think. After the photo session I splashed some water on her and put her in something airy and all of the sudden her mood changed. She became friendly and err, happier. Because she hardly grow her hair longer and I simply hate putting hair bands or anything like that, I got her a small bow clip just not to make her look like a boy in baju kurung. I think it went well with her outfit.

And no, I don’t do color coordinated families for Raya. I believe individualistic is a way to go so I chose to wear something totally contrast with both my husband and daughter’s color. I think it’s better to vary than to stuck in the same color palette with everyone. Fakhrul was definitely having a bad time in his linen baju Melayu. I mean, you would’ve thought that it would be cooler in linen but not on his case. It looks good actually, but man, I think it’s like wearing a gunny sack.

So anyway, that’s my Raya story. At least my first Raya story. I really went all out until the Monday morning when office is back on track, but that is another different stories AND pictures. Hehehe.. I hope yours was as good as mine. I will never forget this one!