Ramadhan This Year

by shz

Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

So sorry that I wish quite late because well, I haven’t been fasting until tomorrow. I hope it will be a more meaningful one for all of you this year as it is with mine. Yes I was back in Malaysia last year just before Ramadhan but I was heavily pregnant and missed the true joy of it most of the time. But not this year!

There wasn’t really much to look forward to when you spend Ramadhan abroad. Hari Raya will just be another day off. Some people couldn’t even get that day off and went to work as usual, even sadder! I miss the spirit of it here in Malaysia. I mean, we haven’t even started fasting yet but already all the cookies are on the shelves, the Raya songs have been played and the malls are mad with the sales! And I think every weekend during this month will be hunting days for baju Raya for me. I already found a mind-blowing cute one for Daisy, wait until I post Raya pics later on, I couldn’t believe that there are kurungs that fit her size. Sheesh, I already bought her a nice romper since I’d never thought they do it for a 9 months old.

Also this time around will be the first time ever for me to spend Raya in Sungai Petani. You see, its not only Fakhrul’s turn but can you imagine that he haven’t had Raya in his hometown for 9 years?! That poor dude, he’s so excited to his bones that he settled his baju already before me! It will be so interesting because you know, Raya is already a happening event, and spending it with lots of Kedahans will be an extended version of a happening event. Hahaha. Already we ordered banji rolls with my awesome ibu mertua, and we’re gonna have the famous nasi daging on the last day of iftar. Oh my God look at me go on and on with the food. It’s embarrassing and I haven’t even started fasting yet!

Definitely this time around will be like the first time for me. And with Daisy too! I hope she’ll be able to walk by Raya, it’ll be a shame if she crawls in that nice beaded kurung. Beaded ok, even mine are/is not beaded!

Until next time, have a good Ramadhan yo!