The Waiting Game

by shz


Dear baby.

I’m waiting for you taking your own sweet time.

Anytime now. Had a false alarm once, it was quite confusing. My feet looks like Doraemon’s, all swollen but that doesn’t stop me from roaming around my area. People kept expressing their amazement that I’m still able to bring around this big tummy all over the place, but the truth is, I’d go crazy if I stay at home. I mean, really. What would you have me do to rest? Eat, sleep, watch tv? That will exhaust me even more.

I miss driving. I miss being in control on the road, honking crazy drivers and deciding which lane to be in. Fakhrul’s too polite. Always giving ways that a 10 minutes journey could take 30. Good for him. I just hope he won’t be that civilized on the way to the hospital.

At this stage of pregnancy, I think we’re playing a waiting game. Life goes on as usual, but still, quite unusually. I haven’t thought about UK much since our routine started after Raya. Our stuff also arrived, so we pretty much have our life back. We rearranged the studio at the office and work has been coming in like mad, and even with my big feet, I still go to work everyday. It feels better this time, working for your own practice. It feels like suddenly you have prospects, you’re not just there to pay the bills, you’re actually owning your own future. I’m so glad I had a bit of experience from UK, I know what to do now. The parents can give it a rest, Abah can play more golf and Mama can … er, well. She loves working, but I think she gets less headache since we’re here.

My baby’s kicking less, I could see her knee or something sticking out sometime and that’s about it. Maybe she’s running out of space now that she’s making me gain almost 1kg every week. Thank God I only have few more weeks, cos if I have months to go I’m sure I’ll blow out of proportion. I’m so thankful I still have my waist, I don’t look pregnant from the back Fakhrul said. And also that I didn’t develop any stretch marks, and that my muscles are strong enough to hold up my bulging tummy neatly. Being pregnant is not so scary after all.. err, so far. Maybe I might have a different stories when the labor comes. Am just hoping its not so terrifying.

Gotta run to the bank now. Well, can’t really run. Gotta rush. Hope everyone had a good Raya as I did. Till next time!