by shz

Please pardon my absence, but I am in the middle of packing my ass off out of UK. 6 years of life soon to be packed in 40 boxes and loaded up in a 40 foot container. Man oh man, how can I manage this with an extra load in my belly..?

Anyway, I haven’t properly introduce the latest addition in the family. Maryam Asyura. My brother’s and Kak Eda’s second child, born on 1st April this year. This is Adam and his new sister.


Well, I have other pictures of her smiling, but this one is too adorable. Adam looks like he’s sucking something out of her head and she’s all confused about it. So, so cute.


This is me, after assembling the new stroller, looking very 6.5 months pregnant. Phew. Anyway, just a quick update for once. Back later!