by shz

I am home again.

I am in a bliss of looking at my mother’s plants and the stillness they make when the wind stops. I am hearing the sound of heavy rain again and take pleasure sleeping under its comforting sound. I get excited again when I hear my father’s car approaching our green gate for pleasure dining with him again. I can enjoy laughing like mad again because my friends will never stop joking around like we were once 18. I know its hot and humid and my armpits haven’t sweat in a year, but in the afternoon when its all shady and quiet, its relieving. The longer I’m home, the more I want to be home permanently.

I remember when I first left for UK, my last day in Malaysia was spent getting busy during the day and in the afternoon Fakhrul and I sat at a mamak’s stall in a heavy rain enjoying a bowl of cendol and rojak, trying not to get our feet wet. At that time I thought, what a perfect way to spend my last day in Malaysia before embarking my new journey in the foreign land.

I wonder now, how will I spend my last day in UK?