This is Embarrassing

by shz


“Sebelum kejadian (naik unta)

That was Nizam’s comment of this photo when I posted it in my Facebook. As soon as I read it, I bursted into a big laugh and told Fakhrul how that embarrassing, stupid thing has really slipped off my mind. I never wanted to talk about it with anyone, except for my families. But I’m going to admit publicly today and try to write about one of the most embarrassing thing ever happened in my life.

So there I was, waking up one morning in Sahara Desert and I swear, there is nothing else so beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life. It was quiet, everything seemed so still, hardly any noise and there it was – an eternity of sandy ground lies before your eyes. The sun rising up slowly and as I chewed the Moroccan dry bread and refusing a cup of tea with mint leaves floating on top of it, my heart couldn’t stop complimenting God’s creation. The regret of getting on a 2 hours camel ride in the middle of the night with a gruesome sand storm that felt like death suddenly disappeared. It was totally worth it. I wouldn’t do it again, but it was totally worth it.

After the lust for photography been fed by this beautiful views and those Berbers in their traditional clothes, we were set to go back to this town in Ourzazate where we started our journey from. I volunteered to get on the first camel. As I spreaded my leg wide open, I knew it – I had it all wrong. I got my film camera in my left hand and the other hand was holding a water bottle. My digital camera was literally choking my neck and the most important thing was, I parked my ass way too ahead to the neck of the camel. So the thing stood up, and mind you, it’s not like some freakin’ bicycle. It was 6 or 8 foot high.

I knew I was going to fall the moment I got on it, so my body just let myself go and my mind was like, “No – this can’t be happening. Not with the rest of the group (some new friends from Miami and Brighton) watching, not with this camera with my new 85mm lens smashed in the sand and got all sandy inside. No. No. NO !” So I fell, and landed on my face. My ass was upside down. I totally resembled an ostrich trying to get some good night sleep. Oh, oh ooooh. Everybody laughed for a good 1 minute and I guessed it was that funny as it took awhile before somebody helped me up. And then I saw a grin on this local guide guy for the first time in 2 days. I made him almost smile.

I wiped off the sand on my face, calmed from the shock and painfully resisting not to punch James and Javi on their faces when I was being teased the whole 10 hours journey back to Marrakech over that incident. Yea, could’ve happened to anyone but it happened to me. No, there’s no picture of me falling off because if there’s any by either Nizam or Fakhrul, I’d be so mad I don’t think I’d be married to one of them today. I wished it hadn’t happened to me, but then again, how often do you meet someone who had embarrassingly fallen off from a camel before?

Well, here’s one for you today.