Friday Night

by shz

I got home. Empty and warm. Eventually cold and alone. He’s gone to a comedy club with work collegues, boring British thing to do, I’d say. Changed to loose baggy clothes, although casual, couldn’t breath in those officeware. Watched Closer, although I also rented JFK and The Sleepers. Forgotten how much I love that movie, I thought it is very accurate. About love, about betrayal, about chances and about being honest.

Half way movie, hungry. Haven’t eaten rice all day, what was I thinking having a crêpe and Nutella for lunch? It’s like having dessert before your main course. So cooked some rice, pounded some chillies and onions, put in anchovies and garlic. Fried rice, almost tastes like Atok’s but not quite. Finished the movie and it’s only 8.43pm. Suddenly missing him. Haven’t really seen him all week. Both busy working with deadlines, came home to a quick kiss and that was it. Tonight will be more. Long kiss and a cuddle. We owe each other.

Moved iMac nearer to the speakers, plugged it loud as the living room is mine tonight. Sang some songs. First Winehouse’s Me & Mr Jones, then Simone’s Ne Me Quitte Pas, then Monita’s Keliru, then Mayer’s Gravity and by the time it got to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, got scared that it might’ve been too loud.

So now I’m writing this. With my body laid on the floor and my neck’s starting to hurt. Not that you’d be interested but next time I’ll try to be more pert.