Manic Sunday

by shz

Geez, there’s so much to do !

I gotta do the laundry and properly finish unpack the stuff from Italy. Have to return this fabulous retro poster canvas back at TK Maxx cos Fakhrul thinks it’s too girly for the living room. Gotta pick up some stuff from Afi that she brings from Malaysia, Vogue and B&W Photography Magazine have been lying there on the table waiting to be flicked and read and it’s almost 2.30pm and I haven’t cooked lunch !

Also have to go over to Kak Eda’s and ask if she can come in on Wednesday cos the people are coming to change the storage heater, have to pay the Thames Water bill and return some DVDs at Blockbuster. Gotta finish the last few frames in the film so I can get it developed to see my Italy photos, gotta edit some digital ones and show it to Mama & Abah cos they’ve been asking for days and gotta figure out the warm-roof construction so that I can finish off the section and move on to the door schedules on Monday.

Am I the only one who thinks that weekends are never enough?