by shz

I’m writing from Florence with whatever 21 minutes left that I have in this cyber cafe, with a window on my left overlooking Ponte Vecchio and river Fiume Arno in Florence, waiting for Fakhrul to come down from 400 steps of tower somewhere in Piazza della Signoria.

The place is wonderful, but there are a lot I want to rant about the Italians. Maybe later. The trip with just the two of us have made it so much easier and freer. I cannot wait to go home where I have unlimited time to write about my journey and my fantastic time in Italy. Although I insisted to everyone that this is no honeymoon, I cannot deny that this is probably a honeymoon indeed.

The visitors are filling the every inch of gaps at this famous bridge, taking pictures like there is no tomorrow. Being a photographer, this really turn me off. Like Paris, everything else is expensive, although I am keen to go to The Mall outside Florence where they have outlets like nowhere, with all possible Italian brands like Gucci, Ferragamo, YSL just to name a few. Not that I can afford any, but I think I’m done with Florence.

11 minutes. Maybe I should publish this now.  Tomorrow I will be back in cold, boring England.

Until then.