This is Huda

by shz


I’ve been eyeing Huda everytime her parents bring her around, and I watched her play, admiring her beautiful face and her original graceful behavior even though usually, a child her age would rant and scream and do all the naughty things – except that she doesn’t.

Photographing children is usually hard, but with Huda I felt so differently. The experience was as almost photographing an adult. She took my hand and accepted my unfamiliar presence then just walked with me under the tree when I tried to find some softer light during that incredibly sunny day. She just stood there, wiped her hair off her face when the wind blew, looked down every now and again, looked far as if she was looking for her mother and then looked in the lens again. She is so beautiful beyond words.

Once in a while you get lucky photographically. I surely did with Huda.