by shz

Finally, I’m going on holiday.

When I went bankrupt after my wedding, I made a peace with myself for the fact that I won’t be able to afford to travel anywhere this year. Then after a straight six months of back to work without any holiday and practically not buying anything trying to make up whatever I have spent, I almost lost my mind.

See, when you work five days a week and seven hours a day with a bunch of wacko architects, dealing with crazy clients and a very, literally bitchy boss and not rewarding yourself with anything – it could be mental. After deciding that I will travel somewhere foreign and finalizing the dates, I could not figure out where I want to go. I was this close to buying another Dior handbag and abort the holiday plan when we finally realized being an architecture buff, might as well take the opportunity while still living in Europe to see great buildings.

So this Thursday, insyAllah we’ll be going to the cliche places of Rome, Florence and Siena. This is not honeymoon. This is travel and adventure. Believe me if this is honeymoon, I wouldn’t plan jumping off and on a plane or bus or train every two days.

Renaissance, here I come.