by shz

Oh God, it’s so hot. My armpits are burning up. I find it somewhat surprising that it’s September already. Black Hawk Down is on TV. Tempting, but I’ve seen it like four times already, so I decided to check my mail.

Someone wrote to me. Someone I don’t know. One of the content of his email is;

Just wondering tho, u amik gambar for fun tak? meaning u keluar for half/full/coupla day and just go places to shoot? Or its more like shooting while u r out somewhere…Pastu, apsal sket sgt pics kat viewbook ek? (sorry cam tak puas hati lak…hehe)

My answer was a simple no. Maybe that was my approach when I first started photographing, because I believed that the only way to learn to photograph well is to photograph as often as you can. Once I’m confident with my styles and my technical abilities to photograph, I narrowed my stories and only photograph when I find relevant subjects to fulfill a titled body of work. I think it was quite important to do that to pursue self-discovery although photography is just a hobby. It’s important to know what questions you want to bring in your work, what stories you want to tell or you’ll end up with thousands of photos without understanding why you started photographing at the first place.

I’m not also establishing that my way is right and should be followed, as then again, there are many ways to achieve something. For example, let’s look up this girl – Sue Anna Joe. I’m sure among photography lovers, her name is familiar. Her artworks are distinctive. There’s a reason why you never saw (or at least I never did) landscape photography Ms Anna. She sticks to what she does best and people recognize her photographs even before they saw her name. I wonder if she applies the same principles, but you’d understand what I’m talking about.

I think I understand his concerns because every time Coldplay released their albums, I just couldn’t wait for the next one to be made. Not that I’m comparing myself to Coldplay or any great artists, but there’s a reason why there is a saying – you cannot rush art. Let it be writing, photography or architecture for that matter – these are time-consuming fields. It took Coldplay 3 years to produce The Rush of Blood to the Head, which I think their best album so far, and 2 years to make Viva La Vida, which is as mind-blowing as Parachutes that also took 2 years. Of course, photography may seem less harder to make compared to writing songs and album making, but if only any art could take as seriously long.

I’m not depending on photography to make a living. I guess it would be understandable to go out and photograph randomly if I were. Just dump them in some stock photography websites and wait for money to roll in. Bazuki Muhammad used to tell me it gets harder for senior photographers like him since that concept being introduced, because there will come a point where photography will get so easy that photographer as a profession won’t even be relevent anymore. I can’t help but sharing the same opinion, hence I’m taking my works as seriously as I can. Not as simple as going out for a couple of hours to shoot or shooting whenever I’m out, and then parade it like some serious shit good photography.

People also asks, where do I get my ideas from? I’d like to say, from some Idea Factory Shops. Duh.

You know what, who knows?