The Circus

by shz

Are you confused? I know I am.

When my 18-year-olds sister asked me who she should choose when she can vote one day, I just couldn’t give her the answer.  As somebody 8 years older, I should be able to. But the truth is, I never really cared about politics during Mahathir’s time. Politic was just a subject pakcik and atok talked about in warung but now, I found myself feeding with Malaysian political information in between the elevation drawing I have to draw and and the 3D model rendering in office.

Fakhrul said, we should care this time.

Damn right. It’s a bloody circus now, leaving people who are politically naive like me confused and in the dark. I had always thought that politics is something people use to gain self-interest. You can speech on about the people, but at the end of the day, it’s always about yourself.  

Whatever it is, I miss Mahathir’s time. Sure, he has flaws and imperfection no body can deny. But I know when I first came to UK in ’03, all my foreign friends knew who was my Prime Minister. I wasn’t home when he resigned so deep down inside, I am still in the state of denial that he’s still my Prime Minister. That everything will be OK soon under his hands, our economy is not worse than Thailand or Vietnam, that there will be more development to be proud of, that this current scene is just a nightmare and we’ll soon wake up. I might sound bias, but if I have to choose, I’ll choose him all over again. I’ll choose somebody with a proven record track to run my country. No doubt about it.

This is just a talk from a politically-naive girl. I hope I don’t cause a stir.