My Happy Home

by shz


It had always dawned on me, over and over again in my head, of things I would do to it when I have my own place. Having worked at Habitat for a year when I first came to UK, and then two at Marks & Spencer’s Home & Furniture department, I often wondered to myself of the things I would’ve done differently as I sold those furniture and home ware stuffs to the other people.

And then the time comes. Like revenge, I didn’t wait a single minute getting even when I unpacked and revealed all the stuffs and also ideas I had collected during my years working at those furniture shops.

Alhamdulillah, Fakhrul and I finally can afford renting a 2 bedroom flat just two houses away from my old one. Although pretty much my living room looks like Ikea’s catalogue page 184, nevertheless I believe it represents who we are. Most of the furniture we have in is something that we already had before during our student years. When arranging the room is finally completed, only then I knew this is us.

I like organic forms just like how I usually adapt in my architectural designs, hence the chairs and table from Marks and Spencers. Fakhrul is a very cubic person with his designs, hence the TV table and the book shelf. And we read photography, arts, movies and travel books, hence Sex and the City, Schiele, Magnum Stories, Icon and Black and White Photography Magazines. We like to keep everything in white, hence the white TV but also like to define another space with colours, hence the red carpet and black 3-seater.

Kitchen and master bedroom are the best because they are my turfs, my areas. I want to achieve retro look in the kitchen as I have this awesome Bush radio that I got for 50p to start it all. But it will take months before I can afford Morphy Richards’ kettle and toaster or SMEG refrigerator. (Well, I know SMEG ain’t happening). Or Kenwood Café Coffee Maker. (Although I hardly drink coffee). Or a Dyson vacuum cleaner. (Although that will only be used just once or twice a month). Or anything likes it.

Fakhrul got the spare room all to himself, where he plugs on his big-ass macho PC and brutal looking Altec Lansing, which would look all wrong anywhere else, listens to his Foo Fighters or Snow Patrol or anything alike out loud, blowing the room into pieces. So the master bedroom is all mine, with non sharing wardrobe so I can once again hang my pretty coats and blouses in coloured order, line up Choo next to Ferragamo and lay a Dior down next to another Dior. Ah bliss, I do like to see my money where I can see it – hanging, lining and laying happily, playing tea party in the wardrobe.

The bathroom though, is really bad. I would be greatly embarrassed if you come to my house and wanting to pee. The walls all cracked up and mouldy, the bathtub looks like it just hits 80 and the WC is rustic but luckily can be concealed with cistern block. The landlord promised to redecorate and still waiting quotes from contractors but until then, Fakhrul and I can only dream of having a bubble bath together after a tiring day of work.

Apart from that, I am very happy. We are very happy. We cannot thank Allah enough for this bless and rezeki and opportunity. Life is finally looking up, and everyday towards 5, I just cannot wait to go back to my happy home, doing what Alanis Morissette would recommend in You Learn – walking around naked in my living room.