Heavenly Chocolate

by shz

There comes a time in the year during summer where my appetite to food gets a bit cuckoo.

I’m not pregnant, just in case you’re wondering within few coming seconds while reading this. I get addicted to things I usually don’t eat like a routine. Last year, I had to have strawberries and whip cream everytime I finish my meal or when I’m bored. The last two years, I was addicted to Bird’s Strawberry Trifle that I make myself at home. I would head straight to my big ass fridge and scoop 3 or 4 spoonful of it and ran up to my room, eating that layers of whip cream, custard and jelly all up watching Sex & The City. That was 2006. I did strawberries and whip cream with Grey’s Anatomy in 2007.

So, 2008. It’s not from home this time. There’s this ridiculously delicious chocolate ice cream they sell at Throntons that I just cannot get my minds off it. Throntons sells chocolate, and there are other ice cream flavours as well but man, the Heavenly Chocolate is surely scooped from heaven itself. So circa 5pm when I finished work, all exhausted from designing staircase that probably will get rejected by the clients, I would stop on my way to the bus stop for a cone.

Everyday since the last 3 weeks, except Sundays when I stay at home.

So yesterday, I went there for my usual treat, and the dude who makes the ice cream spotted me.

"Small chocolate, please." I said.

"Would you like the big cone?"

"No."  It’s bad enough I eat it everyday, I’m not going to upgrade it to a big cone with an extra scoop for an extra 20p. Hopefully that will make me less fatter than I already am. Denial said.

 As I hand out my £2 coin, he shooked his head.

"That’s alright. It’s free."

I was overjoyed. Wow! Free delicious ice-cream?! Am I lucky or what? I smiled happily while sloppily licked my ice-cream. I had the best day yesterday.

Today I went there again and I saw him at the counter. He waved! I was like -oh no shit. He’s probably thinking there she is – the 26 year old woman is here for another free ice-cream.  And it was !!! He wouldn’t charge me again. What does this mean? I was so embarrassed, I walked away with my free ice-cream – this time it didn’t taste so heavenly.

Like all other addictions the year before, there will come a time when something happened and I will stop the routine. When one time I overcooked my custard, I stopped eating the strawberry trifle. And that time when I accidentally ate an expired whip cream with my strawberry. In this case of Throntons Chocolate Ice-Cream, this is it. 

I’m going to start to act like an adult.