Oh, oh.

by shz

I am adjusting.

I am adjusting to life where my toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel are empty quicker than usual. I’m adjusting to picking up stuffs on the floor and put them back in the right place. I’m adjusting to a sore sight of three mugs with dried coffee in it by my white iMac. 

I compromise.

I am compromising my closet for other stuffs I’d never wear. Compromising to put my designer tops I usually wear once in paper bags and tucked them away. I usually have the whole drawer full of lingerie but now I have to make room for checkered boxers. I lost half hangers to stripy shirts and trousers that usually hang my pretty coats and blouses in coloured order.

I am really letting him in. I want him in anyway. I find it a bit hard adjusting and compromising a man side into my feminine world but I’ll get there. I’ll get there where I won’t mind a bit. Nobody said it will be easy, I don’t expect it to. I’m just surprised that he has that many stuff like me as well. I thought men don’t need so much, but now I know my man is not any men.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining, I just need to figure out how to tell him without him being offended. You know what, maybe I’ll tuck some of his stuff too and hope he’ll never finds out. And when he does, I’ll play the innocent wife. He always buy that. Sometimes. Hope I’ll get lucky this time.