by shz

My eyes wondered at the grey sky of Oxford, out from the skylight window of my tempoarary attic room.

Kau pijak hatiku lagi.. 

As Hujan sings.

It’s been two months since I left this place. Nothing new about it, the sky is grey as ever. The rain never stopped to disappoint. My sunshine is over. Monday when the labour starts. Sigh.

Everyone else were excited to meet the married me, shocked with my new short bob. Husband is home sicked than ever, probably still thinking about his mother’s face when she cried as we said goodbye. She never cried, I never saw her cry. She was holding baby Hannan and was trying to hide her face by holding Hannan high but succumbed anyway as we wrapped her in. That totally broke me too.

My mother was emotionless externally as ever, but admitted her sorrow when she replied my sms when I informed our safe arrival. "Jaga Fakhrul, awak bukan kawan-kawan lagi sekarang.." murmurred Abah as I hugged him goodbye. True indeed, sometimes I still feel like he’s my boyfriend. Abah probably spotted it by the way I called him for dinner. "Kroooooooolllll….." I would shout. I’ll be gentler. My room is dark now. I shall switch on the lights, wake my Fakhrul up and cook some dinner as Nizam’s coming from London.

Sayang, bangun.