Picture Perfect

by shz


b2.jpgI read a comment in my wedding photographer’s Flickr page that said, " So you’re her photographer of choice! Nice pics too, small wonder that she chose you " and I replied, " I chose him for all the obvious reasons."

My wedding photographer was Nazim Zafri which you can see his works at his self-tiltled dot com.

I understand now that when it comes to choosing photographer to appoint, the considerations have to go beyond his portfolio. Apart from what you can see with your eyes, what you can feel in your hands matters as much too. When it comes to making decisions with wedding I’ve learnt to say nothing is perfect, and having to be decisive, I had to settle for whatever that was perfect at that time, and Nazim was one of it.

I hate explaining myself. I don’t see any reason why I need to analyse my decisions other than the fact that they were done following my heart.  And people kept questioning why I took on someone they never heard of, someone whose works are unfamiliar to them.  And people give a damn because apparently, I left a remark in Malaysian photography world, which I’m sure it is a very tiny, tiny, small one.

I admit that choosing photographer for my wedding is one of the most difficult search I had to do, just like in all of the hantarans, the right handbag was the hardest to find. With such a little time to survey, finding photographer is no different than roaming London back and forth from Oxford finding the perfect handbag to display.

Of course I did not seek Nazim in the beginning because I was as unfamiliar to his works just as these other people. I had my eyes set on an Indonesian photographer which I’ve loved for years and although he has agreed to the appointment, it was left in despair due to my unavailability to provide him an assistant. It would’ve been perfect, but the one I settled with was not so far from it anyway.

I’ve learnt that it’s easier to follow your heart than to follow what people want you to do.  And I have no regrets whatsoever.